is an online gift-suggestion service, offering consumers gifts for every occasion. specializes in unique and personalized gifts and offers a wide variety of products suitable for any recipient. The team hand selects each item for the site and recommends the products to pre-qualified, ready to buy customers. These customers are then directed to your online store to purchase the suggested product and /or to shop for other products on your site! does not sell any products on our page. We do not carry inventory, distribute products, nor process sales transactions. This is all done by you! As a merchant, you only pay for customer leads that we send to your site (performance service).


How does the Merchant Program work?

Gifts Go have a simple process for becoming a merchant with us. Simply complete the information in the Merchant Register section. Our team will review your site and products to ensure your products are a good fit for This process generally takes 10-14 days.


If we are a able to bring you on as a partner, you will be provided with steps to set up an account with us. The next step will be uploading your products in our merchant center (all products will go through an approval process). You select the category on our site that is most appropriate for your product. Categories such as "trendy" or "teen" give the opportunity for your product to be matched with specific and interested customers. In addition, your products will be included in the keyword search so customers can search for a specific theme or item and your applicable products will appear.


So what do you pay for?

As a merchant you have a deposit fee and a Cost-Per-Click fee.



Cost-Per-Click (CPC) is the amount the merchant agrees to pay for each sales lead (or click to their site). You only pay for customers who actually click on a product on your site.

The CPC  starts at .40 cents. When a shopper clicks on a product on your site, the CPC sales lead is automatically charged to your account.


Deposit Fee:

New merchants start on a pre-pay basis with a required minimum deposit/ re-deposit fee of $250. With this deposit amount, the CPC is .40 cents for 625 unique visitors.


When the re-deposit fee is increased, the CPC is decreased. For example, with a re-deposit fee of $1000, the CPC is lowered to .30 cents. A re-deposit fee of $5,000 lowers the CPC to .20 cents.


You only pay for the leads that sends to your site. You have the ability to manage your own campaign and set your own monthly spending limit.


How can help my business? helps to generate business for you by directing interested buyers to your site. The categorization set up of helps us to match buyer to product and therefore ensures you are getting qualified and interested leads to your site.


How does generate traffic?

By combining the advantages of thousands of monthly unique visitors across the various company web properties, and a generous monthly marketing budget, we reach a huge number of Internet gift shoppers.


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